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Persian, Translated
فارسی، به انگلیسی

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What is Persian, Translated?

Persian, Translated is a project that aims to catalog data on Persian literature translated into English. In its ideal form, Persian, Translated would be a searchable online database open to the public.​

The present website is temporary space for making the data accessible to the public and the scholars of the field. It would hopefully serve also as a test model for determining the necessary features of the future platform.

Who is this for?

Persian, Translate is likely to be helpful for the following audiences:

  1. Anyone interested in the English translations of Persian literature;
  2. Students of Persian literature and Iranian studies;
  3. Teachers of Persian language and culture;
  4. Scholars with interests in translation, Persian literature, and digital humanities.

What would you find on the Persian, Translated website?

Firstly, you will be able to simply search for translated materials. For instance, if you put in the title “Missing Soluch”, you would be directed to a page where you would find information about the novel. Some of that information may be as follows:

Title: Missing Soluch
Original Title: جای خالی سلوچ
Author: Mahmoud Dowlatabadi
Translator: Kamran Rastegar
Publisher: Melville House Press
Year of Publication: 2007
Genre: Novel
Number of Pages: 507
ISBN: 9781933633114

An advanced search would help filter the data for desired results. For instance, it would be possible to query the database and find “translations of fiction written before but published after 1979” or “poems by women and translated by women”.

***NOTE: The advanced search tool does not currently exist on this website. All effort is being made to make that happen as soon as possible***

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